Retirement Benefits in Panama

Panama offers one of the best Retirement benefit packages in the world. Retirees enjoy the following benefits under Panamanian Law if they are older than 55 (for women) or 60 (for men):

  1. 50% discount on ticket entertainment for admission to movies, sporting events, concerts and other public shows.
  2. 30% discount for buses, trains and ships; 25% on international and domestic flights
  3. 50% discount for hotel rooms in Panama
  4. 25% off restaurants
  5. 15% off fast food franchise meals.
  6. 15% discount on hospital services and other health services
  7. 10% discount in pharmacies, even for prescription medicine.
  8. 20% discount for physician fees and surgeries.
  9. The 15% discount dental and eye exams.
  10. 20% discount on prosthetics and health products.
  11. 20% off technical and professional services.
  12. 50% discount on closing costs on personal and commercial loans and mortgages.
  13. 15% discount on loan rates for personal and commercial loans.
  14. 1% discount on the interest rates for mortgages
  15. No Real estate tax, when you hold real estate in your own name and you have only 1 property in Panama.
  16. 50% discount on the cost of your passport.
  17. 25% off electric, telephone services and water bills.
  18. Importation of all your personal and household goods free of taxes.
  19. Importation of a car free of taxes.
  20. Right to import a car every two years free of taxes