Offshore Banking in Panama

Offshore banking is very feasible in Panama as she prides herself in protecting the identity of their banking clients. Many foreigners feel safe investing their money in any one of Panama's 80 offshore banks.

Panama is a low tax jurisdiction, where the use of asset protection, tax planning and health and estate planning is a very common agenda for professional attorneys, accountants, private banks and investment advisers.

We can help you if you are interested in securing an offshore account. Just contact us. In Panama, it is perfectly acceptable to transfer properties and funds to Panamanian cor-porations. These corporations can be placed under the umbrella of a private foundation, which is a tailor - made, asset protection, living will with legal personality.

In Panama, there are no withholding taxes on savings bank accounts, securities investment earnings or stock exchange capital gains. Profits received in Panama from money invested outside of Panama, is tax-free.