Playa Serena

After a breathtaking 50 minute drive from the city of Panama, you will discover Gorgona Beach, an awesome place, equipped with all the comforts of a city condo, but endowed with unparalleled, natural beauty for an unforgettable stay.
This residential project is completely enclosed, containing two Towers with 156 apartments and a building with 24 studio apartments. Its roof becomes the main deck of the open social area. These apartments will have all the commodities and a exclusive view of the sea from every main area of your apartment.

Social Area:
- 2 elevators per building
- Swimming pool for children and adults
- Barbecue Area
- Play area for kids
- Thatched covered gathering areas
- Direct access to the beach through stairs, elevators and ramp
- Tennis Court
- 1 parking space per apartment
- Visitors parking
- Storage available for sale

The complex contains about 54,000 sq.ft. of open social area, with swimming pools, gazebo, thatch covered gathering areas, tennis court, paths, and direct access to the beach by way of stairs, two elevators and the driveway.
Also we have indoor social areas which include a gym and ballroom.

Characteristics of the Project:

- Completely closed habitacional complex
- Apartment Complex with security
- 180 apartments
- More than 53,800 sq ft of social area
- More than 230 ft of beachfront
- 2 Residential Towers
- 78 apartments per tower
- Separate Building with 24 studio apartments

We have one, two and three bedroom apartments each with their bathroom; all have spacious balconies, living/dinning room, kitchen and laundry area.
- One bedroom on Beach 1057 sq ft
- Two bedroom apartments: 1290 sq. ft.
- Two bedroom apartments: 1184 sq. ft.
- Three bedroom apartments: 1205 sq. ft
One Bedroom $249,000
Two Bedroom $249,000

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