Blowout Special

Blowout Special Furnished Turnkey!

Phase Two beginning soon! In the second phase these units will sell for $125,000 unfurnished and another $15,000 for the furniture package.

We have ONE unit left from Phase One and are now offering this last unit totally furnished for $89,900 (see furniture package below).
This unit was originally selling for $99,900 with the furniture package.

We also offer our rental program with our units, which is perfect if you are looking for an investment property for a rental income.

Our resort also includes a large pool, Classic Rock Bar and Grill as well as five shops (some available for rent) a social area and pool. There is a hospital, shopping, golf and the beach all within a 10 minute drive and we are only 40 minutes from the city of Panama. These properties are perfect for the investor who wishes to spend time in Panama but is interested in renting his home out while he is away. We have a rental program in place that takes care of all the screening, advertising, collection and administration for you. You can check out either of our websites in the links below for more details on this property.

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