Grand Tower

This innovative new building is located in Punta Pacifica in the Pacific Village community and next to Trump Ocean Club. It is currently one of the largest and most exclusive private residential developments in Panama and Central America. The Grand Tower project at Village Pacific consists of an approximate area of 3804.70 meters square, with a waterfront location overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

You will live surrounded by lush tropical gardens, picturesque sidewalks, playgrounds, decorative fountains, a spectacular infinity pool with all its amenities.

This large building will have the strictest security measures with a large wall around the perimeter of the complex, secure access controls and a main control station to enter the building. The Grand Tower offers the opportunity to enjoy a privileged lifestyle in a secure environment that is amazing and luxurious!

These units start at $369,000. Contact us for more details. This property may qualify for a rebate.

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